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Beam TV Self-Installation Process

Basic process of self-installation for Beam TV


After calling in to book an appointment (minimum 48-hour notice)

  1. Our technician will head to your building to ensure your unit is connected in the telecom room.
  2. You will receive a phone call from our technician after he checks the telecom room, informing that your rental equipment and hardware install instructions has been dropped off in front of your unit door.
  3. The technician will call to ensure you are home to pick up the equipment before leaving the building.
  4. Follow the steps provided on the instruction manual to set up the hardware that was dropped off.
  5. Should you run into any issues, please contact our Technical Support at 604-642-6688.


Please Note: Beam TV Self-Installation process is available in select buildings only. Please check with our Customer Service team to see which buildings are available.


Last updated: April 20, 2020