Is Novus in the building?

The Novus revolution is taking over Metro Vancouver, building-by-building. See if we’re in yours. Look for it on the alphabetical list, or on the map. If we’re not in your building, and you’d like us to be, click below to add your address to our wishlist.

Please encourage your neighbours to submit a form as well. The more requests we get from your building, the sooner we will prioritize your building. Subject to build ability.

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Results for Vancouver

28510th Ave E
78916th Ave W
951st Ave E
16284th Ave W
47759th Ave W
60359th Ave W
2105th Ave E
18186th Ave W
3307th Ave E
1823 7th Ave W
5387th Ave W
17777th Ave W
16507th Ave West
16338th Ave W
16758th Ave W
555Abbott St
618Abbott St
633Abbott St
688 Abbott St
689Abbott St
1060Alberni St
1200Alberni St
1288Alberni St
1331Alberni St
1367Alberni St
1723Alberni St
1925Alberni St
1985Alberni St
275Alexander St
289Alexander St
201Alvin Narod Mews
238Alvin Narod Mews
193Aquarius Mews
198Aquarius Mews
2628Ash St
2638Ash St
2668Ash St
12Athletes Way
118Athletes Way
128Athletes Way
138Athletes Way
151Athletes Way
181Athletes Way
1616Bayshore Dr
1680Bayshore Dr
1710Bayshore Dr
1717Bayshore Dr
1777Bayshore Dr
1790Bayshore Dr
888Beach Ave
907Beach Ave
988Beach Ave
990Beach Ave
1000Beach Ave
1006Beach Ave
1008Beach Ave
1010Beach Ave
1012Beach Ave
426Beach Cres
428Beach Cres
455Beach Cres
583Beach Cres
638Beach Cres
928Beatty St
989Beatty St
546Beatty St.
5515Boundary Rd
5665Boundary Rd
379Broadway E
418Broadway E
1040Broadway E
1060Broadway E
238Broadway W
499Broughton St
588Broughton St
738Broughton St
2150Brunswick St
909Burrard St
1050Burrard St
1238Burrard St
1330Burrard St
821Cambie St
885Cambie St
930Cambie St
950Cambie St
1008Cambie St
1018Cambie St
7433Cambie St
3055Cambie St.
3133Cambie St.
4083 Cambie St.
8189Cambie St.
560Cardero St
581Cardero St
588Cardero St
620Cardero St
602Citadel Parade
668Citadel Parade
3376Cobblestone Ave
1616Columbia St
1708Columbia St.
1788Columbia St.
1351Continental St.
1388Continental St.
1715Cook St
1768Cook St
918Cooperage Way
980Cooperage Way
1833Crowe St
1887Crowe St.
3463Crowley Dr
3520Crowley Dr
3583Crowley Dr
3663Crowley Dr
189Davie St
212Davie St
238Davie St
283Davie St
139Drake St
183Drake St
199Drake St
289Drake St
388Drake St
499Drake St
789 Drake St
950Drake St
3996Dumfries St
3430E Kent Ave South
108E. 1st Ave
384E. 1st Ave
289E. 6th Ave
311 E. 6th Ave
3281E. Kent Ave North
3581E. Kent Ave North
231E. Pender St
205E.10th Ave
298E.11th Ave
328E.11th Ave
333E.11th Ave
111E.1st Ave
161E.1st Ave
180E.2nd Ave
256E.2nd Ave
350E.2nd Ave
228E.4th Ave
237E.4th Ave
250 E.6th Ave
228 E.7th Ave
251E.7th Ave
209E.7th Ave
288E.8th Ave
1E.Cordova St
22E.Cordova St
55E.Cordova St
239E.Georgia St
138E.Hastings St
3547Euclid Ave
3575Euclid Ave
939Expo Blvd
1009Expo Blvd
3551Foster Ave
3651Foster Ave
5189Gaston St
610Granville St
1249Granville St
417Great Northern Way
685Great Northern Way
577Great Northern Way
2520Guelph St
788Hamilton St
819Hamilton St
867Hamilton St
888Hamilton St
1009Harwood St
2851Heather St
488Helmcken St
811Helmcken St
1515 Homer Mews
1560Homer Mews
1155 Homer St
822Homer St
833Homer St
888Homer St
889Homer St
928Homer St
939Homer St
1001Homer St
1055Homer St
1133Homer St
1216Homer St
1221Homer St
1318Homer St
1323Homer St
1328Homer St
1331Homer St
1338Homer St
1388Homer St
1398Homer St
1483Homer St
933Hornby St
1068Hornby St
1177Hornby St
1252Hornby St
1289Hornby St
1308Hornby St
1330Hornby St
1333Hornby St
1500Hornby St
1600Hornby St
1625Hornby St
1133Hornby St.
1488 Hornby St.
828Howe St
1010Howe St
1188Howe St
1189Howe St
1205Howe St
1212Howe St
1283Howe St
1335Howe St
1455Howe St
1480Howe St
1500Howe St
1501Howe St
1600Howe St
489Interurban Way
8690Jack Uppal St
323Jervis St
555Jervis St
717Jervis St
58Keefer Pl
63Keefer Pl
183Keefer Pl
188Keefer Pl
188Keefer St
523King Edward Ave W
628Kinghorne Mews
633Kinghorne Mews
8238Lord St.
718Main St
1159Main St
1255Main St
2828Main St
3333Main St
909Mainland St
977Mainland St
1783Manitoba St
2520Manitoba St
1625Manitoba St.
1033Marinaside Cres
1067Marinaside Cres
1077Marinaside Cres
1099Marinaside Cres
1111Marinaside Cres
1199Marinaside Cres
1201Marinaside Cres
1228Marinaside Cres
1267Marinaside Cres
1288Marinaside Cres
1328Marinaside Cres
1383Marinaside Cres
433Marine Dr SW
455Marine Dr SW
488Marine Dr SW
3498Marine Way
5288Melbourne St
1166Melville St
1189Melville St
1211Melville St
1238Melville St
1277Melville St
120Milross Ave
125Milross Ave
188Milross Ave
189National Ave
87Nelson St
89Nelson St
938Nelson St
989Nelson St
1022Nelson St
535Nicola St
590 Nicola St
825Nicola St
8031Nunavut Lane
8131Nunavut Lane
5380 Oben St
1633Ontario St
1661Ontario St
1708Ontario St
1788Ontario St
5470Ormidale St
5598Ormidale St
685Pacific Blvd
1010Pacific Blvd
1177Pacific Blvd
431Pacific St
501 Pacific St
550Pacific St
888Pacific St
889Pacific St
499Pacific St.
7418Paulson St
3263Pierview Cres
2008Pine St
2201Pine St
168Powell St
2635Prince Edward St
2788Prince Edward St
1678Pullman Porter St
1688Pullman Porter St.
1088Quebec St
1128Quebec St
1188Quebec St
1601Quebec St
1618 Quebec St
1775Quebec St
1661Quebec St.
2511Quebec St.
131Regiment Sq
788Richards St
928Richards St
969Richards St
988Richards St
989Richards St
1001Richards St
1010Richards St
1055Richards St
1088Richards St
1188Richards St
1225Richards St
1238Richards St
1280Richards St
1295Richards St
1438Richards St
1495Richards St
8533River District Cross
8538River District Cross
8580River District Crossing
8575Rivergrass Dr
8508Rivergrass Drive
8570Rivergrass Drive
3133Riverwalk Ave
3138Riverwalk Ave
3162Riverwalk Ave
3163Riverwalk Ave
3168Riverwalk Ave
3185Riverwalk Ave
3188Riverwalk Ave
3198 Riverwalk Ave
3289Riverwalk Ave
233Robson St
480Robson St
1325Rolston St
3438Sawmill Cres
3451Sawmill Cres
3538Sawmill Cres
3588Sawmill Cres
3618Sawmill Cres
3625Sawmill Cres
3688Sawmill Cres
3488Sawmill Cres.
3557Sawmill Cres.
2321Scotia St
438Seymour St
822Seymour St
833Seymour St
930Seymour St
933Seymour St
980Seymour St
999Seymour St
1082Seymour St
1155Seymour St
1199Seymour St
1238Seymour St
1255Seymour St
1372Seymour St
8Smithe Mews
38Smithe St
68Smithe St
377Smithe St
535Smithe St
538Smithe St
565Smithe St
938Smithe St
1050Smithe St
33Smithe St.
2770Sophia St
919Station St
1408Strathmore Mews
110Switchmen St
550 Taylor St
277Thurlow St.
5398Tyne St
221Union St
3438Vanness Ave
3588Vanness Ave
3638Vanness Ave
3660Vanness Ave
38W 1st Ave
88W 1st Ave
120W Cordova St
33W Pender St
750W. 12th Ave
518W. 14th Ave
503W. 16th Ave
66W. Cordova St
75W.1st Ave
108W.1st Ave
123W.1st Ave
138W.1st Ave
151W.1st Ave
168W.1st Ave
181W.1st Ave
288W.1st Ave
388W.1st Ave
63W.2nd Ave
89W.2nd Ave
159W.2nd Ave
429W.2nd Ave
445W.2nd Ave
1680W.4th Ave
1425W.6th Ave
1428W.6th Ave
1450W.6th Ave
1485W.6th Ave
1483W.7th Ave
65W.Cordova St
1233W.Cordova St
1281W.Cordova St
1288W.Cordova St
97W.Georgia St
111W.Georgia St
161W.Georgia St
1200W.Georgia St
1239W.Georgia St
1288W.Georgia St
1331W.Georgia St
1333W.Georgia St
1415W.Georgia St
1420W.Georgia St
1450W.Georgia St
1205W.Hastings St
1228W.Hastings St
1515W.Hastings St
515W.Pender St
1188W.Pender St
1328W.Pender St
1409W.Pender St
1477W.Pender St
1499W.Pender St
75Walter Hardwick Ave
77Walter Hardwick Ave
80Walter Hardwick Ave
111Walter Hardwick Ave
122Walter Hardwick Ave
169Walter Hardwick Ave
12Water St
36Water St
2508Watson St
1919Wylie St
1988Wylie St
2055Yukon St

Results for Richmond

7788 Ackroyd Rd
7988Ackroyd Rd
7888Ackroyd Road
9333Alberta Rd
9339Alberta Rd
5900Alderbridge Way
6888Alderbridge Way
7535Alderbridge Way
7555Alderbridge Way
7575Alderbridge Way
7688 Alderbridge Way
7708Alderbridge Way
7771Alderbridge Way
9311Alexandra Rd
9399Alexandra Rd
9551Alexandra Rd
8333Anderson Rd
8400Anderson Rd
5411Arcadia Rd
5471Arcadia Rd
8433Bennett Road
8433Bennett Road
6233Birch St
5111Brighouse Way
5131Brighouse Way
5151Brighouse Way
5171Brighouse Way
5177Brighouse Way
5199Brighouse Way
3331Brown Rd
3333Brown Rd
6191Buswell St
6331Buswell St
6351Buswell St
6633Buswell St
6655Buswell St
6733Buswell St
6533Buswell St.
8080Cambie Rd
8555Capstan Way
8633Capstan Way
8677Capstan Way
3268Carscallen Rd
3328Carscallen Rd
5311Cedarbridge Way
5399Cedarbridge Way
5619Cedarbridge Way
8133Cook Rd
9019Cook Rd.
9099Cook Rd.
9188Cook Rd.
5933Cooney Rd
6180Cooney Rd
6888Cooney Rd
6611Cooney Rd.
586Dover Cres
6800 Eckersley Rd
6828Eckersley Rd
7360Elmbridge Way
7362Elmbridge Way
9100Ferndale Rd
9171Ferndale Rd
9200Ferndale Rd
9233Ferndale Rd
7733Firbridge Way
7979Firbridge Way
8751General Currie Rd
5233Gilbert Rd
5766Gilbert Rd
5788Gilbert Rd
7328Gollner Ave
7338Gollner Ave
7368Gollner Ave
7378Gollner Ave
7388Gollner Ave
8080Granville Ave
8180Granville Ave
8288Granville Ave
8460Granville Ave
8480Granville Ave
8608Hazelbridge Way
8628Hazelbridge Way
8688Hazelbridge Way
8699Hazelbridge Way
8800Hazelbridge Way
8833Hazelbridge Way
9133Hemlock Dr
9371Hemlock Dr
9373Hemlock Dr
9180Hemlock Dr.
9188Hemlock Dr.
5508Hollybridge Way
8180Jones Rd
8200Jones Rd
8220Jones Rd
8060Jones Rd.
8080Jones Rd.
8100Jones Rd.
8120Jones Rd.
6233Katsura St
6333Katsura St.
3131Ketcheson Rd
3233Ketcheson Rd
3300Ketcheson Rd.
3311Ketcheson Road
8120Lansdowne Rd
8160Lansdowne Rd
8180Lansdowne Rd
8246Lansdowne Rd
8248Lansdowne Rd
8280Lansdowne Rd
8288Lansdowne Rd
8600Lansdowne Rd
8720Lansdowne Rd
7468Lansdowne Rd.
7488Lansdowne Rd.
9200McKim Way
9211McKim Way
9388Mckim Way
7251Minoru Blvd
7411Minoru Blvd
7431Minoru Blvd
7451Minoru Blvd
7471Minoru Blvd
7435Moffatt Rd
7437Moffatt Rd
7439Moffatt Rd
7451Moffatt Rd
7453Moffatt Rd
7455Moffatt Rd
7457Moffatt Rd
7459Moffatt Rd
7333Murdoch Ave
6068No. 3 Rd
7080No. 3 Rd
6188No. 3 Rd.
6288No. 3 Rd.
6320No. 3 Rd.
6328No. 3 Rd.
9233Odlin Rd
9288Odlin Rd
9388Odlin Rd
9399Odlin Rd
9500Odlin Rd
9213Odlin Road
8111Park Rd
8600Park Rd
8988Patterson Rd.
6622Pearson Way
6688Pearson Way
6811Pearson Way
6833Pearson Way
6855Pearson Way
6900Pearson Wy
7008River Pkwy
6699River Rd
8033Saba Rd
8100Saba Rd
8171Saba Rd
8238Saba Rd
8288Saba Rd
7088Saint Albans Road
3333Sexsmith Rd
3699Sexsmith Rd
7088St Albans Rd
7080St. Albans Rd
8333Sweet Ave
9199Tomicki Ave
9299Tomicki Ave
9333Tomicki Ave
9366Tomicki Ave
9388Tomicki Ave
9399Tomicki Ave
9500Tomicki Ave
9533Tomicki Ave
9566Tomicki Ave
7371Westminster Hwy
7373Westminster Hwy
7831Westminster Hwy
8068Westminster Hwy
8280Westminster Hwy

Results for Burnaby

7058 14th Ave
7088 14th Ave
713314th Ave
716914th Ave
759915th St
733316th Ave
757916th St
758816th St
708817th Ave
708818th Ave
752018th St
778818th St
4433Alaska St
2288Alpha Ave
2378Alpha Ave
1955Alpha Way
7325Arcola St
7328Arcola St
4670Assembly Way
5883Barker Ave
4880Bennett St
4360Beresford St
4458Beresford St
2088Beta Ave
2311Beta Ave
2351Beta Ave
6521Bonsor Ave
6595Bonsor Ave
4650Brentwood Blvd
4728Brentwood Dr
4768Brentwood Dr
4788Brentwood Dr
4799Brentwood Dr
4833 Brentwood Dr
4868Brentwood Dr
4888Brentwood Dr
7458Britton St
7458Britton St
4388Buchanan St
4398Buchanan St
4400Buchanan St
6540Burlington Ave
6868Burlington Ave
6438Byrnepark Dr
7418Byrnepark Walk
7428Byrnepark Walk
7478Byrnepark Walk
7488Byrnepark Walk
9868Cameron St
9888Cameron St
6288Cassie Ave
4333Central Blvd
7108Collier St
7138Collier St
4118Dawson St
4178Dawson St
4182Dawson St
4250Dawson St
4468Dawson St
4723Dawson St
4728Dawson St
4783Dawson St
2133Douglas Rd
2200Douglas Rd
2232Douglas Rd
6638Dunblane Ave
6699Dunblane Ave
6700Dunblane Ave
7358Edmonds St
3866Evergreen Pl
3809Evergreen Place
3833Evergreen Place
3888Evergreen Place
1728Gilmore Ave
1768Gilmore Ave
1788Gilmore Ave
1888Gilmore Ave
5311Goring St
5333Goring St
5611Goring St
9133Government St
9233Government St
9283Government St
5248Grimmer St
5288Grimmer St
5388Grimmer St
4132Halifax St
4189Halifax St
4353Halifax St
4380Halifax St
4425Halifax St
4510Halifax Way
9088Halston Crt
9098Halston Crt
4505Hazel St
4508Hazel St
4567Hazel St
4603Hazel St
4657Hazel St
4689Hazel St
4733Hazel St
4788Hazel St
4808Hazel St
4825Hazel St
4888Hazel St
4711Hazel Street
2225Holdom Ave
5051Imperial Street
5665Irmin St
5775Irmin St
5885Irmin St
5889Irmin St
4488Juneau St
4465Juneau Street
5355Lane St
4900Lennox Lane
4720Lougheed Hwy
4730Lougheed Hwy
4880Lougheed Hwy
4880Lougheed Hwy
4890Lougheed Hwy
4890Lougheed Hwy
7388Macpherson Ave
2088Madison Ave
2138Madison Ave
2181Madison Ave
2188Madison Ave
2345Madison Ave
2355Madison Ave
2388Madison Avenue
4134Maywood St.
4165Maywood St.
4194Maywood St.
6000McKay Ave
6080McKay Ave
6070McMurray Ave
6220Mckay Ave
6240Mckay Ave
6383Mckay Ave
6055Nelson Ave
6538Nelson Ave
6588Nelson Ave
7303Noble Lane
7683Park Cres
5932Patterson Ave
6128Patterson Ave
6188Patterson Ave
2008Rosser Ave
2077Rosser Ave
6860Royal Oak Ave
6888Royal Oak Ave
7088Salisbury Ave
6333Silver Ave
6398Silver Ave
6463Silver Ave
2085Skyline Court
2085Skyline Court
2085Skyline Court
4485Skyline Dr.
6707Southpoint Dr
6736Southpoint Dr
6878Southpoint Dr
6888Southpoint Dr
6888Station Hill Dr
6098Station St
7128Stride Ave
6461Telford Ave
1820Willingdon Ave
6028Willingdon Ave
6088Willingdon Ave
6595 Willingdon Ave
6689Willingdon Ave
5833Wilson Ave
5899Wilson Ave
6168Wilson Ave
6188Wilson Ave
2289Yukon Cres

Results for Surrey

13618100th Ave
13688100th Ave
13696100th Ave
13750100th Ave
13685102 Ave
13325102A Ave
13339102A Ave
13398 104 Ave
13399104 Ave
13318104th Ave
13428105 Ave
13929105 Blvd
13963105A Ave
13733107A Ave
13277108 Ave
13353108 Ave
13380108 Ave
13383108 Ave
13768108th Ave
10590 139 St
10788139 St
10581140th St
10603140th St
13303Central Ave
13308Central Ave
13350Central Ave
13438Central Ave
13495Central Ave
10822City Pky
10838City Pky
10866City Pky
13919Fraser Hwy
13925Fraser Hwy
13931Fraser Hwy
13555Gateway Dr
13468King George Blvd
13359Old Yale Rd
10448University Dr
10523University Dr
10533University Dr
10777University Dr
10899University Dr
9830Whalley Blvd
9887Whalley Blvd
9981Whalley Blvd
10838Whalley Blvd

Results for Coquitlam

2970 Princess Crescent
2980 Princess Crescent
3107 Windsor Gate
9551Alexandra Rd
2955Atlantic Ave
2975Atlantic Ave
2980Atlantic Ave
585Austin Ave
595Austin Ave
1045Austin Ave
2982Burlington Dr
567Clarke Rd
581Clarke Rd
602Como Lake Ave
608Como Lake Ave
707Como Lake Ave
3050Dayanee Springs Blvd
3082Dayanee Springs Blvd
3156Dayanee Springs Blvd
3178Dayanee Springs Blvd
750Dogwood St
1189Eastwood St
1190Eastwood St
1199Eastwood St
1200Eastwood St
708Edgar Ave
718Edgar Ave
551Emerson St
570Emerson St.
516Foster Ave
525Foster Ave
528Foster Ave
545Foster Ave
548Foster Ave
1330Genest Way
2959 Glen Dr
3008Glen Dr
2979Glen Dr.
3007Glen Dr.
2968Glen Dr.
2978Glen Dr.
3070Guildford Way
1338Hames Cres
1178Heffley Cres
1125Kensal Pl
1128Kensal Place
1110King Albert Ave
708Lea Ave
3080Lincoln Ave
3097 Lincoln Ave
3105Lincoln Ave
901Lougheed Hwy
691North Rd
1188Pinetree Way
1299Pinetree Way
1190Pipeline Rd
1196Pipeline Rd
3065Primrose Lane
3075Primrose Lane
3085Primrose Lane
2985Princess Cres.
2995Princess Cres.
2990Princess Crescent
603Regan Ave
611Regan Ave
621Regan Ave
958Ridgeway Ave
528Rochester Ave
2988Silver Springs Blvd
2998Silver Springs Blvd
2998Silver Springs Boulevard
545Sydney Ave
555Sydney Ave
1161The High St
1163The High St
1185The High St
1155The High St.
1242Town Centre Blvd
1252Town Centre Blvd
430Westview St
450Westview St
1182Westwood St
1189Westwood St
1199Westwood St
2958Whisper Way
2969Whisper Way
2969Whisper Way
518Whiting Way
530Whiting Way
652Whiting Way
657Whiting Way
3096Windsor Gate
3100Windsor Gate
3102Windsor Gate
1135Windsor Mews
1151Windsor Mews
1152Windsor Mews

Results for New Westminster

6195th Ave
188Agnes St.
1012Auckland St
14Begbie St.
608Belmont St
615Belmont St
410Carnarvon St
420Carnarvon St
509Carnarvon St
720Carnarvon St
888Carnarvon St
892Carnarvon St
898Carnarvon St
680Clarkson St
328 Clarkson St.
549Columbia St
415Columbia St E
125Columbia St.
668Columbia St.
430Duncan St
620Eighth Ave
210Eleventh St
214Eleventh St
612Fifth Ave
225Francis Way
240Francis Way
245Francis Way
250Francis Way
270Francis Way
290Francis Way
69Jamieson Crt
71Jamieson Crt
3K De K Crt
5K De K Crt
11K De K Crt
12 K De K Crt
13K De K Crt
15K De K Crt
315Knox St
315 Knox St
258Nelson'S Crt
228Nelson's Cres
200Nelson's Crescent
268Nelson's Crt
719Princess St
739Princess St
1040Quayside Dr
1065Quayside Dr
1150Quayside Dr
1250Quayside Dr
1045Quayside Dr.
1185Quayside Dr.
1210Quayside Dr.
1220Quayside Dr.
1230Quayside Dr.
1235Quayside Dr.
1240Quayside Dr.
1245Quayside Dr.
908Quayside Drive
988Quayside Drive
31Reliance Court
2Renaissance Sq
3Renaissance Sq
5Renaissance Sq
6Renaissance Sq
10Renaissance Sq.
3Rialto Crt
7Rialto Crt.
245Ross Dr
255Ross Dr
265Ross Dr
275Ross Dr
280Ross Dr
285Ross Dr
320Royal Ave
500Royal Ave
550Royal Ave
814Royal Ave
850Royal Ave
11Royal Ave E
14Royal Ave E
15Royal Ave E
20Royal Ave E
22Royal Ave E
210Salter St
258Sixth St
612Sixth St
39Sixth St.
121Tenth St
210Twelfth St
211Twelfth St
214Twelfth St
215Twelfth St
610Victoria St.

Results for North Vancouver

11213th St. E
12514th St. E
13517th St E
14317th St East
2020Curling Rd
1883Fullerton Ave
1632Lions Gate Lane
1675Lions Gate Lane
1755Lions Gate Lane

Results for Port Moody

110Brew St
400Capilano Rd
302Morrissey Road
305Morrissey Road
308 Morrissey Road
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Step 2 – Connect your digital box to your TV, the wall cable outlet and an electrical outlet.

Step 3 – Call Novus Technical Support at 604 642 6688 to have your box reprogrammed.

I confirm that the information provided is correct, the name above is the rightful owner of the digital terminal with the serial number above. Digital terminal listed above is not subject to any lease or rental agreement, and is being re-programmed at my request.

*Please note these PVR's can only be reprogrammed if they are non-Shaw or OCAP boxes
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Check here to see if your PVR is on the list of ones we can welcome to the family.

Motorola DCX 3400
Motorola DCX 3200 P1
Motorola DCX 3200 P2*
Motorola DCX 3200 P3*
Motorola DCX 3501*
Motorola DCX 3510*
Motorola DCT 700
Motorola DCT 2000
Motorola DCT 2500
Motorola DCT 3080
Motorola DCT 3416
Motorola DCT 5100
Motorola DCT 6200
Motorola DCT 6208
Motorola DCT 6412
Motorola DCT 6416
Pace TDC 775
DPace TDC 776
DPace TDC 758
DPace TDC 777
DPVR Expander

*As long as these boxes are not from Shaw or OCAP we are able to reprogram them.

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