CTV Specialty Rebrand


  • – Bravo is now CTV Drama Channel
  • – Comedy is now CTV Comedy Channel
  • – Space is now CTV Sci-Fi Channel
  • – Gusto is now CTV Life Channel

CTV Drama Channel Beam TV 305 | Regular TV 40
Get into addictive stories, from cutting-edge series to crowd-pleasing whodunits and riveting unscripted moments. Watch CTV Drama Channel for shows like: The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair, Queen of the South, Gold Digger and LA’s Finest.

CTV Comedy Channel Beam TV 500  | Regular TV 57
Get into the biggest sitcoms and late-night talk, A-list stand-up, hit movies and every other flavour of funny. Watch CTV Comedy Channel for shows like The Daily Show, Full Frontal with Sam Bee and Jim Jeffries.

CTV Life Channel Beam TV 315 | Regular TV 214
Get into shows that inspire, with home and lifestyle series, amazing meals to savour and incredible places to explore. Watch shows like Martha and Snoops’ Potluck Dinner Party, Jamie and Jimmy’s Food Club and Jamie’s Ultimate Veggie now on CTV Life Channel.

CTV Sci-Fi Channel Beam TV 357 | Regular TV 45
Get into worlds with no limits, where fans connect to heroes and galaxies we dare to imagine. Catch shows like Arrow, Supernatural, Legends of Tomorrow and Star Trek: Discovery now on CTV Sci-Fi Channel.

NFL Sunday Ticket | 2019

NFL Sunday Ticket is back! Watch up to 14 games in HD every Sunday for 17 weeks, starting Sunday, September 8th 2019

Pay Monthly: $49.75/mth x4mths

Pay Once: $199.00

2019 Schedule


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Taxes not included in pricing.


A Mpeg4, Motorola DCX or PACE box is required for HD channels.

Please note that once the NFL season has started on September 9th, there are no refunds for cancelling services. Customer is responsible for payment for unpaid months should they cancel mid way through the season. Pro-rated pricing is unavailable.

Call to order 604 642 6688


Free Previews


HIFI | CH 106/ Beam 504
Nov 4 – Jan 5

HIFI celebrates music and art in all their varied forms, and always in brilliant high definition. From classic rock to classical opera, from the world’s great museums to the passionate world of quirky collections, HIFI brings a beautiful and sophisticated mix of the world’s best art programming to your family.

Love Nature | CH 107 / Beam 711
Nov 4 – Jan 5

See nature in a spectacular new light. Discover, explore and connect with the wonder and beauty of nature. Commercial-free, family-friendly programming invites you to unearth every astonishing detail—from natural phenomena to the marvels of the animal kingdom.

History | CH 44 SD, 111 HD / Beam 707
Dec 1 – Jan 31

History HD is the leading destination for revealing, award winning non-fiction series that connect history with viewers in an informative, immersive and entertaining manner. This winter, History will see the highly anticipated return of its two biggest series, Vikings and The Curse of Oak Island.

Historia | CH 350 / Beam 1002
Dec 1 – Jan 31

Historia provides an in-depth look at Quebec, Canadian and World history through riveting documentaries, series and movies. Exploring a wide range of historical themes, Historia provides a Canadian perspective on the people, trends and events that shaped our world.

Hollywood Suite | Beam 427 – 430
Dec 1 – Jan 5

Hollywood Suite is the home of the movies that shaped the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. Reconnect with a favorite film, or discover a new one—with hundreds of movies a month, there’s always something to watch on Hollywood Suite.

Animal Planet | CH 271 SD, 118 HD / Beam 714
Dec 3 – Jan 2

Animal Planet is tail-wagging good fun. We believe that life is better with animals, and we have the programs to prove it. It’s the only place in the TV universe where animals are the stars. We explore the fun side of animals. We also celebrate the intelligent side of animals.  Watch old classics as well as family-oriented animal movies. Only on Animal Planet.

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Free previews available to all TV subscribers.

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Channel Change


Effective November 14th, FOX Rochester HD is becoming FOX Detroit HD (Beam TV 208 | Regular TV 157). Most primetime shows and live sports will remain the same; however, local news and content may change as the broadcast is from a different region. Please note that the channel number will remain the same.

Details +

If you subscribe to FOX Rochester, there will be no change on your bill when the channel changes to FOX Detroit.


Upgraded Channel


Effective November 14th, we’re upgrading TVA (Beam TV 1013 | Regular TV 70) from Standard Definition (SD) to High Definition (HD). In order to complete this change, we will be switching to TVA’s eastern feed. All content will remain the same; however, all content will air three (3) hours earlier than usual. Please note that the channel number will remain the same.

Details +

If you subscribe to TVA, there will be no change on your bill when the channel is upgraded to TVA HD Eastern.


Discontinued Channel


Effective December 31st, FYI will be discontinued as the owners of this channel has decided to cease operations.

FYI viewers will find similar content on Slice which is currently part of the same Lifestyle theme pack as FYI. Viewers may also be interested in similar content on HGTV and Food Network which are in the Home & Food theme pack and or on Lifetime which is part of the Variety theme pack.

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